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Rising Tide UK is the UK chapter of The Rising Tide Society. We are a community for UK-based creatives, makers & small business owners who have a desire to share their knowledge & magic, learn from their peers, and grow together.

As creators, we know how important it is to be connected to others and learn from each other. 

Welcome to Rising Tide UK!

From this dream, Rising Tide groups were born. A community guided by monthly themes from the Rising Tide Society, where creatives, makers & small business owners gather together for coffee and conversation. An open, brave space for idea sharing and goal building. Separated by distance, but beautifully united by a shared desire to empower the creative economy.

It is our hope to cultivate a society of creative entrepreneurs who believe in community over competition and have a desire to lead with love.

Beautifully United

By joining Rising Tide UK you can expect to learn new business tips directly from fellow creatives, grow in confidence, and find a network of compassionate professionals in your local area. Whether you’ve been in business for five years or five days, there are always new things we can learn and new perspectives to listen to. It is our hope that by creating a safe space for open dialog and idea sharing we can help one another to thrive.

Why should I join Rising Tide UK?

Rising Tide UK is an online community full of intentional themes, talking points & events to help you grow your business, connect with fellow like-minded creatives, and to support each other in your business journey. We have weekly check-ins, co-working sessions, celebration threads, monthly Q+As, and more! All purposeful and intentional to help you grow your business surrounded by a supportive group.

How does it work?

Rising Tide UK welcomes anyone that is a Creative Entrepreneur, creative or maker, or that runs their own creative small business, including: Artists, Bloggers, Boutique Owners, Calligraphers, Designers, Event Planners, Writers, Creative Coaches, Florists, Makeup Artists, Photographers, Stylists, Writers and more!

Who is this for?

Rising Tide UK is the UK chapter of The Rising Tide Society, a community for small business owners who have a desire to share their knowledge, learn from their peers, and grow together. The community is designed to be approachable, authentic, and uplifting. Each month, a Rising Tide Society topic is introduced to kickstart the conversation and allowing the community chats to flow from there!

What is Rising Tide UK?

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